Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sandeep Chauhan The Technical Person

Mr. Sandeep Chauhan currently working as the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) received MBA degree from University of Michigan in Strategy and Finance and Bachelor’s degree from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. He even got 93rd Percentile in GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).
He started his career in the year 2001 from Vignette, where he worked or 5 years 6 months. He started there as a Project Manager and used to handle a team of 25 members and was promoted to Managing Principal in the year 2006. He is very profound in managing customer relations. His high expertise in conducting market research and performing market segmentation helped companies like Embarq in executing and analysing the latest market trends and forming marketing strategy accordingly.
Sandeep Chauhan  can do multi-tasking too, as he has experienced playing more than one role at a time; like he founded Blogoxy, where he also worked as a Developer and Product Manager. His competency in designing and conducting surveys allows him an expert who can easily spot what is currently in demand in the market. His intelligence in forming statistical techniques to get results from hundreds of data points is what makes him stand out in the digital ocean full of analysts. In addition to all these amazing skills, he was also a Co-founder at NIMSAN RETAIL. His marketing campaigns included segmenting the customers on 4 attributes and creating direct email marketing campaigns for more than one lacs customers. This resulted in 20% monthly growth of the company in new customer acquisition.
In 2011 he joined Adchemy as a Product Manager, where he built next generation Advertising product that can manage super-large advertising campaigns with ease. He believes in thinking beyond keywords. Over the time, he has continuously proven his development skills, like as a Founder and Developer in Best TaxPreparers, he was responsible for identifying the business and creating product niche while designing the product. As a result this company is now one of the largest directories of Tax Professionals (CPAs) in the country.
Then, in the year 2016 he became the Co-Founder and CTO at DealSite, where he was taking care of the Technology Architecture and Development for the cloud and mobile application. After this, he again proved his capabilities in the field of management while being CO-Founder of DrawingView for 4 years from 2014-2018. DrawingView is a fantastic product that enables users to view and manage large Construction Drawings (Plans) easily on a Mobile device. It is a very useful platform for general contractors, architects and sub-contractors for Scheduling, Task Management, Team Communication and for generating Progress Reports.
Since the past 5 years Sandeep is helping HeaderLabs in San Francisco to build beautiful technology products as a CTO. They have built many high-quality and high-growth applications and websites in the last few years.
Sandeep is known for his hands on experience of technology and very precise product management vision in the industry. With excellent communication skills, he is well accustomed to working in teams and in fast-paced environment. His passion for developing new product shows how much he loves doing what he does.

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